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I’m in Namibia to visit staff and partners for our Library Development Program, and over the past couple of days we traveled to the northern part of the country to visit the sites of the new Regional Resource and Study Centres (RSRCs). The work that the Namibia Library and Archives Service and the Millennium Challenge Account – Namibia put into these buildings is evident and impressive. Careful thought went into the building design – loads of natural light, incorporating existing vegetation into the design and landscaping, using thatching to provide shade. I’ve posted a few pictures of the buildings below, and look forward to sharing photos of the RSRCs bustling with people once they’re open.

circulation desk

Circulation desk, Ohangwena RSRC | photo credit Meaghan O’Connor

Children's section, Ohangwena RSRC

Children’s area, Ohangwena RSRC | photo credit Meaghan O’Connor

Painting windowsills, Oshana RSRC | photo credit Meaghan O’Connor


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